London faces acute housing shortages of both quality and quantity which threaten the vitality of the city.

Mid-rise housing, with its strong historical London legacy, has a key role to play in supporting a sustainable long-term vision for London.

London Housing Supply 2012 London Housing Supply 2012

Over the past two decades, housing in London has become 3.4x more expensive for a primary school teacher, and 2.7x more expensive for a doctor.

Average earnings vs London House Prices Average earnings vs London House Prices Average earnings vs London House Prices

While problems of affordability threaten the vitality and vibrancy of London’s population, poor design quality does the same to London’s streets and neighbourhoods. Faceless residential towers and poorly conceived mega-schemes erode street life and undermine the creation of strong, harmonious and enduring communities.

Without a fundamental shift in the way housing is being produced in the city, London stands to lose so much of the vibrancy and identity that has held it up as one of the world’s greatest cities.

Housing London: A Mid-rise Solution seeks to place the question of urban form and housing typology at the centre of the housing debate that is currently taking place.

There is a fundamental need to explore the terms of the debate about London’s housing: to establish clearly the nature of the housing problem facing the city, and in response, to explore the viable contribution that mid-rise housing has to make to the needs of London’s residents- present and future.

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